Friday, August 2, 2013

Essential Lavender Oil

There are so many people that love Lavender and is it any wonder why? Lavender helps revitalize us if we are exhausted and stressed. It helps to calm us down. It has been other benefits as well. Lavender tea or Lavender Lemonade is loved for its floral flavor. It is also a good natural antiseptic, antibacterial, and painkiller. You can use it externally to treat cuts, wounds, insect bites and allergies. It is also a decongestant so it helps to fight colds and flus. Finally it is good on the digestive system and not only assists digestion but helps alleviate nausea and indigestion.

When using the Lavender internally you want to use fresh or dried flowers. The essential oil is usually not advised for internal use unless specifically noted on the bottle. It is also very concentrated so you always want to dilute it with what is known as a carrier oil such as grapeseed, almond, olive, or apricot oil.

There are several oil blends that contain Lavender that are my favorites: Peace and Calming blend as well as the Irritability blend...look for these blends to be produced by Simple Life. Simple Health. and on the shelves of my retailers soon. You can always contact me for some samples or products as well.

Did you know there are several kinds of Lavender? The most commonly used is the Lavender Augustifolia

Also, stay tuned for another live demo that I will post on You Tube and my blog where I showcase another smoothie or fresh juice recipe. I am also planning on showing how I make the bath salts and other body products. So stay tuned Chicago and remember that Simple Life. Simple Health. is here to serve you!

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  1. I learned a few more things about Lavender when I was at an aromatherapy workshop last night. It helps to regenerate tissue, speed healing, treat pain (analgesic), combat excess oily skin, and it is one of the safest essential oils for children. So enjoy your Lavender Chicago!!!!