Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some of the awesome dishes Aunt D and I made

To the left is a trellis with lights around it. Brian, my husband, and I were married under this last summer in my aunt's backyard. She mad made good use of it in her garden and it looks beautiful with vines around it and these lights. This particular garden of hers looked like a fairy garden at night with the lights and other garden decorations.

Aunt D and I tried some new and delicious recipes while I was there canning. The meals we prepared were more than enough to entice me to come back and work with my aunt ANY time! (Not to mention the awesome company). The foodie in me could not help but take a picture of some of the dishes we made.

The first one is a picture of some basic mushrooms we sauteed for some steaks one night. I thought they were pretty so I took a picture.

The next picture is of a salad that we made with corn and black beans. 

The basil and tomato were great additions. I am personally not a big fan of raw tomatoes but I picked those out and enjoyed the corn, beans, and basil. We did not put dressing or anything on this. The flavors really complimented one another.

The next dish we made was a bruschetta dish. We chopped up tomato and garlic and baked it for a while on 350 degrees. Then we tossed in the basil after it was done cooking. We served it with soft goat cheese and toasted bread slices. You spread some cheese on the toast and then put the bruschetta on top of that. It was AMAZING!!

One of the last dishes we made that was incredible was breaded and baked eggplant with smoked Gouda cheese on top. Normally we would use a sharp Asiago cheese but since we could not get that we tried the smoked Gouda and it wad equally amazing.

We had amazing dinners every night that I was there. On the last night, Saturday night, we sat by one of her flower gardens, made a bonfire, and roasted marshmellows. A great time was had by all. Thank you Aunt D and Uncle John for your amazing cooking, beautiful gardens, and most importantly the awesome company you provide. I am blessed to have such great family with which I can break bread.

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