Monday, September 23, 2013

Day Two - Canning with Aunt D

     On the second day of canning with Aunt D we worked on more apples. I don't know exactly how many apples we peeled but by the time we finished I was proud of our work, loved the way they smelled as they were processing, and did NOT want to see apples again for a VERY long time. We added sugar and cinnamon to the apples and processed them for pie filling. They smelled like apple pie as they processed in the canner.

 We all had smiles once the apples were finished.

 Above is my Aunt Carolyn and below is my Aunt D. They are the two best aunts anyone could ask for.
After we finished the apples we worked on cleaning and processing cucumbers and beans. Actually I think we did the beans on the first day as well but since I forgot to mention them I am including them here.

The cucumbers were used to make pickles and relish.
First we sliced the pickles and put them in a salt brine and let them sit for quite some time.
One of the many things we did while they were brining was to clean some peppers and garlic to eventually boil with some pickling spices that we would use to pack the jars and give the pickles their flavor. We also prepared some of these same items for the pickle relish we were making.

Above are the spices that we boiled to pack the pickles and relish. We added some vegetables to the spices as you can see on the right. We boiled this down and then packed our jars.

The above left picture is before we put the pickling spices and liquid into the jar and the picture on the right shows the jar once it is filled. 

One of the last things we made was salsa. This involved prepping some vegetables. 

Once the salsa was finished we were basically done canning. It was two full days of hard but satisfying work. The picture I took of all the jars lined up does not do justice to how pretty it was to look at in person. 

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