Saturday, June 29, 2013

Simple Life. Simple Health says HELLO CHICAGO!

I am taking my natural health business to the streets of Chicago where I can serve the Chicagoans that I have come to love since I moved here three years ago from Michigan. It has been so overwhelming and there are so many things to do but I am trying to stay organized and prioritized. My number one priority is building relationships with other individuals and businesses. I am going to start by offering my fresh raw juices to the people in the Lakeview area and offer a discount on delivery. I have some cleansing packages as well that can't be beat for their effectiveness, price, quality, and most importantly the love and care that is put into them. I am going to branch out from Lakeview to other areas in Chicago and reach out. I hope to get some love and feedback from all of you wonderful people out there. It is summertime, everyone is having fun and partying and could use some help caring for their bodies and keeping themselves healthy.

If you are interested in trying some fresh juices contact me! My website is under construction but you can check me out on Facebook, email me at or or even call or text me at 312-869-0726.

Contact me to show some love and support or ask any questions you have about fresh juice and how awesome it is for your body! I would love to hear from you Chicago and Simple Life. Simple Health. is here for you. We live in a wild and crazy and STRESSFUL city that I love but sometimes we need to cleanse ourselves from that stress. So let's de-stress and drink some juice! Cheers!!

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