Friday, January 30, 2015

Bodywork Services - Packages & Memberships

I have added some packages and memberships for my customer/client base. Usually I reserve my blog for educational pieces on my products, their ingredients, functions, importance, etc. However, since my website is still under construction, I want to make sure people can see my products and services because I want to share them with everyone.

Purchase the following packages for great savings on massage, acupressure, acupuncture, and other bodywork services.
Most services are an hour each. Some of the full body scrubs are more than an hour for each session so inquire about how those will work specifically in regards to timing…

2 hours $154 (any service)
3 hours $225 any service
4 hours $280 any service
6 hours $399 mix and match plus product bonus! Best value!

plus product and/or loose herbs 

2 hours $99 (facials and massage combo package – must be used in one session) 

Mix and Match massage, acupressure, cupping, botanical facials, holistic consultations, and more…

$400 10 hours BEST VALUE
$360 8 hours
$300 6 hours
$220 4 hours
$180 3 hours
$130 2 hours
$70 1 hour

Holistic consultations are $40/hr however if you purchase them in advance you get a complimentary product of your choice for every 2 purchased in advance

Membership is your best value. Members are charged based on their membership package. These memberships last one year from the time of purchase and can be cancelled at anytime upon written request.

Weekly hour massage $40/session (you’re billed $160/month)
Bi-weekly hour massage $50/ session (you’re billed $100/month)
Monthly hour massage $60/ session (you’re billed $60/month)

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